Words For My Father

A Novella by Joe Messineo

Note from the author

The novella Words For My Father was a pleasure to write and I hope that you will find it a pleasure to read. My dad was an amazing man with extraordinary energy. Growing up with him was a blast. Luckily, before he passed I had the time to stop and reflect on this and the result is this little book. I was very proud to put the first rough copy of it in his hand while he was still alive. He understood what had been done and too was proud. A few days later just after I had the first final printed copies in hand my father crossed over to the other side. I handed his book out to his doctor and to close friends and family. Whew! I wanted that book done before my father passed and for him to hold it and see it. This was achieved.

Initially there were CD's that went along with the book along with rather extensive liner notes. But these are not available to the public at this time. Admittedly the CD's and liner notes are fantastic. My ordeal to get A Theory Why out to the public is laid out with notes and perhaps more importantly the spoken voice is recorded in the epochal year of 1996 when the stand was made against what is termed the "Hollywoodgovernment". Washington and Hollywood were taken squarely on. My father's voice is there in these CD's, both his spoken voice in the epochal year of 1996 and also his singing voice from an old recording in the 60's, as well as his story voice after he had a major stroke when he was seventy two. Seven years later at the age of seventy nine he passed.

The seven year journey was a tough period of years for father and son who made the journey together. But the mythological road was also strewn with magical gold and jewels. We made the best of it and gathered the many secrets that the experience had to offer. When my father comes back around he will surely touch the world with his fantastic voice. But yet, already he is touching the world here, for Words For My Father is really words from my father. It was my dad who stepped forward in 1998 and told me that if I did not get my walls up I wasn't going to make it. He saw the tremendous harassment that was being waged by the Hollywoodgovernment - and he stepped forward with a plan. Hence I embarked upon a real estate career at his advice and am now stepping forward at his time in 2014 publicly as he also advised. "Come back out and finish when you are ready" my dad told me.

The finishing book is The PPP Step One just released in July 2014.

It only took twenty years you could say for the trilogy to be completed. Act One, A Theory Why was copyrighted in 1994, yes, two decades ago. For the first time in my life I put all of my very best into something. Words For My Father was the deep breath, the pause, the interlude before again hitting it hard - another lifetime effort in Act 2 - The PPP Step One. Done. The anvil was hit twice at full power - first as a young man of thirty with A Theory Why - and then as an older man of fifty with The PPP Step One.

I know my dad is proud of me. And the energy for me to complete the ordeal - to carry the ducks all the way - that energy comes from my dad. And so the journey we complete together.

- Joe Messineo

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